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Disabled Accommodation for Groups or Large Families

Disabled Accommodation for Groups or Large Families

Here at Our Bench, Accessible Self Catering in the New Forest we are often asked can we provide accommodation for larger families and groups with carers and we have come up with a range of solutions that we can suggest and that have been tried by our previous guests.

Holidays with carers

If you have your own carers and need to have them with you on holiday, we would suggest booking 2 cottages, use the main cottage as the base and book the second cottage for your carers... this as huge advantages:

  • Families can enjoy family time on holiday and have familiar carers on call as required
  • Carers can have their own separate sleeping, cooking and living area so they can be given time off... if you have 24 hour carers, they can have somewhere to go to sleep during the day in peace.

Holidays with larger Families

We would really recommend booking early and booking two cottages together, if you are coming away with a large or extended family booking two cottage together can be the ideal solution:

  • The disabled guest can have extra time getting ready for the day or time out from the family if required - a quiet house to deal with care needs, hide and read the newspaper, or to offer respite to a loved one for a few minutes
  • Families can create amazing holiday memories together... yet have space for themselves.

Holidays for Residential Users

  • Residents of care homes or assisted living accommodation deserve holidays too, and there are some wonderful places to explore in the New Forest. We are delighted to be able to provide the ideal solution with residents have their own space and independence and their carers renting the neighbouring cottage or sleeping in the second bedroom.

Our Bench Disabled Holiday Solutions

  • For up a family of 5 and up to 2 carers - book Garden Bench as the family accommodation with a profiling bed and ceiling hoist available in the master bedroom, the second bedroom can be a double (ideal for mum and dad) and book Little Bench for the carers (twin beds) - this is next door and access to the property is via a 1 minute walk. Carer can be independent of the family and be on call as required, offering a 24/7 solution.
  • Family of up to 4 and grandparents - book Bench Cottage and Little Bench together - the cottages are next door to each other with a shared wall - the shared garden is now your own, and you can enjoy the inside and outside space together. Bench Cottage offers 2 ceiling hoists and profiling bed, optional changing table, Little Bench a choice of double or twin with ceiling hoist - so depending on your needs Mum and Dad could enjoy a relaxing week, with the Grandparents having the children to stay with mum and dad on hand!
  • Family or carers group up to 9 people - Book Bench Cottage and Garden Bench together - this gives access to two profiling beds, a changing table and 3 ceiling hoists - the patio area at the rear of Garden Bench is a great place to get together for a BBQ - there is outside seating for 6, and additional seats can be brought into the garden from the dining area which means you have a great communal space to share. Both cottages have their own space for breakfast and for quiet times and you even utilise an outside caterer to make a memorable family meal.
  • Up to 11 guests - why not book all three - this is ideal for care and residential units, the space is flexible and you can utilise the best use of time with carers having their own space - we are entirely flexible to your needs, however departure time is still 10am as we need to get the cottages ready for the next guests once you depart.

Holiday Availabilty For All Three Cottages - Book Now!

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